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About Us

Wineteam Inc. is a partnership of wineries that was established to help importers and retailers to work directly with several wineries at once, cutting out any additional cost such as agents, brokers and middlemen. Our partnership facilitates the sale of wines to countries that were never before reached.
We recognized that California wines in many hotels and restaurants abroad had become homogenized, and that consumers were being offered many of the same wine brands wherever they traveled. 
Our mission and dedication is to become the primary exporter of California Boutique wines. Our goal is to preserve the high-quality and authenticity that small wineries supply, where families have passed down their winemaking traditions from generation to generation. 
Our partnership provide premium family-owned wineries the opportunity to gain visibility and sales in global markets outside of the U.S. 
Our commitment is to educate our importers and international buyers about the quality and diversity of California appellations from a wide range of vineyards. The wineries employees personally visit each country to consult and assist buyers, our importers, and distributors with sales and marketing.
Wineteam Inc. was founded in 2004 by Antonio Silvia together with a group of wineries. Mr. Silvia brings over 15 years of experience in leading several wineries in the Export business. An entrepreneur and wine expert, Antonio comes from generations of Italian winemakers in his native country of Italy. 
Our ultimate goal is to bring new partner and capital investment to the partnership and continue to expand international offices and sale force throughout the world.